Military wife Claudia recounts her experiences as a military wife and joyous reconnection with her husband on pilgrimage.

Claudia J., Marine Corps Spouse and Nurse, 2018 Volunteers

"You don’t have to go to war to feel its devastating effects. As a military wife, I have witnessed my husband change following his deployments and training. Though I'm proud of his service, the effects on our marriage have been ravaging. But there's hope. There is Lourdes. As a wife and caregiver, I am so blessed to have been part of the Warrior to Lourdes pilgrimage, and I tell you, I found peace, joy, friendship, and healing to carry on my call as a military wife. I guarantee you that you will experience one of these fantastic gifts God has for each one of us, as you encounter the mother of our Lord, Jesus."

Charlie’s trip to Lourdes was life - changing after the experience of spiritual healing and long lasting friendships.

Kim and Charles B., 2018 Warrior Pilgrim and Caregiver

"The trip was a life-changing event for both of us. After surviving brain cancer for 7 months, my son Charlie had been diagnosed with a recurrent tumor in January, 2017, and then again 10 months later in October of that year after secondary radiation & chemo. Despite the loss of most of the function on his left side and some speech difficulties, he had maintained a strong faith; and we were overjoyed to learn that we were going to Lourdes. I confess that I was sure he was going to be cured there…It didn’t happen though; He said that we had come for physical healing but had received spiritual healing and strength for the journey instead, which were more important. The legacy of the Lourdes trip for us is in the lasting friendships made and the spiritual strength that it has given us. Fellow pilgrims are praying for us and adding us to their parish prayer chains. We are part of the communion of saints. I have never been more grateful for my Catholic faith. We know that Jesus is always with us and his dear Mother intercedes for us."

Capt. Kathy ,a Retired Navy Veteran and widow recounts her volunteer opportunity at the Lourdes pilgrimage.

Capt. Kathy T., USNR (Ret.), 2018 Volunteer

"The trip to Lourdes will be forever etched in my memory, witnessing 15,000 + servicemen and women from around the world praying for peace to our Blessed Virgin Mary, all part of the PMI. It was the “Olympics for Mary,” with all the fanfare of pageantry which she deserves, and beautiful music from Irish tenors, musicians and bands representing 30+ countries. All I could think of is the Psalm 98:4-6 – ‘Make a joyful noise to the Lord, break forth in joyous song and sing praises.’ With this special experience of his grace, it will and has amplified my faith, for my road ahead."

Caroline and Jonathan smile at the camera as they celebrate an opportunity for 2017 pilgrimage of healing.

Jonathan A., Marine Corps, 2017 Warrior Pilgrims

"Caroline and I were so incredibly blessed to be given the opportunity to participate in the 2017 pilgrimage. I cannot say enough about what it did for us, both as individuals and as a couple, dealing with the constant challenges of active-duty service in the Marine Corps. It is very easy to lose faith or suffer both physically and spiritually, but the healing we have enjoyed, both during our trip to Lourdes and since returning, is something that I wish we could share with all of our fellow service members, particularly those suffering."

War Veteran and Brother Knight Tim and his brothers make a trip to Lourdes in hopes of a miracle for his battle with cancer.

Larry J., Lourdes Pilgrim, 2016

"Me and my brothers Tom and Tim met the Knights in Lourdes on May 18th 2016. We attended their opening mass and were later asked to walk with them through the Gates of Mercy to begin the pilgrimage. It was the highlight of our trip. My Brother Tim was suffering from an inoperable cancer and had wanted to make the trip to Lourdes in hopes of a miracle, but more so, to strengthen his relationship with God so that when his time came he would be ready. Tim lost his battle to cancer on June 18th, but he never lost hope. Tim spoke of our trip to Lourdes every day until the day he passed. He said he could not have asked for a better last wish and how meeting with the K of C meant so much to him. He was taken aback by how you invited us into your lives without knowing us. Members of your staff sat with the three of us for over an hour and we talked of the great things you are all doing for our veterans. They listened as Tim told his story and why we were there. They were genuinely interested and were in awe of the love three brothers showed for each other to make this journey happen. Tim and I are both Army Veterans and Tom is a corporal with the Arlington Virginia Police Dept, so meeting your group meant so much more than just making new friends. It touched our hearts. We did not receive the miracle we had hoped for, but what we did get was the love of three brothers that will endure all time and distance and you and your team helped with that. So from Tom and I we thank you for all you do."

Derrick M., 2014 Warrior pilgrim excited to share his experience at Lourdes

Derrick M., 2014 Warrior Pilgrim

"On behalf of the Fort Bragg warriors, we thank you for a wonderful lifetime experience to travel to Lourdes, France, for the 56th PMI. I was excited, as were so many other soldiers from Fort Bragg, to be selected to go on this pilgrimage, but more excited to tell others of our experience upon our return. This trip will be cherished for the rest of our lives."